And We're Off! The Canadian Idol Top 10!!

It's on! The top 10 of Canadian Idol. And how amazing to have Nelly Furtado, who I knew was talented and driven, but had no idea she was that astute too, coach them.

Sarah Loverock came out first -- the worst position, but she did it well. However, she left me cold with her Life is a Highway, a song that usually gets me rocking.

Rob James, wow, he had a different take to his session with Nelly. Whereas Sarah seemed hesitant, Rob was absorbing every word. And it paid off. His was a stellar performance. It was natural, he was moving to the music, not some choreography, and his voice was much bette.

Steffi D is a joy to watch. She just takes advice and uses it to pump up her talent. She has been singing the most contemporary songs of the bunch, a great contrast to her 20s style. And tonight she challenged herself again and entertained us well!

Tyler Lewis makes me seasick. I suppose his bouncing when watching it in person would not be an issue, but on TV...Thank you to Nelly for getting him to tone it down! He did an excellent imitative rendition of Nickelback, and he's loosening up.

Kati Durst sang well and with conviction, but there was something off about her performance. Perhaps nerves got in the way.

Brandon Jones. I'm not sure what to say. The judges liked him, but I was a bit startled with how he began, it almost sounded like he came in at the wrong time, or perhaps it's that breath thing that Nelly talked about. It seemed like his voice cut in and out for the first part of his song. He reminded me very much of a puppy.

Craig Sharpe has mega talent. He's in danger of no longer being challenged, and I thought as good as his performance was it didn't have the vocal power of Avril's rendition.

Ashley Coulter obliterated Sharpe out of my mind. She reminds me of Pat Benatar (hate the new do though), and you could see the exact moment when she really started enjoying her moment on stage. She made American Woman her song, even though, like Sharpe, she didn't have the vocal power of Guess Who or Lenny Kravitz.

Chad Doucette has a unique voice and a sense of mischief that sat just under the surface tonight. His gift is older than his years.

Eva Avila was just fantastic. She performed Powerless in a way that I heard her, not Nelly.

The performances that held my attention were Rob James, Steffi D, Ashley Coulter, Chad Doucette, and Eva Avila.


Mark Dowling said…
Oh dear oh dear!

Friends don't let friends watch Canadian Idol.

Especially now that Rockstar:Supernova is underway. Nice to see the Toronto lad is busy screwing with everyone's head :)

But you gotta let me have this

>one vice

Especially since I totally missed the beginning of Supernova. Way to go Lukas!