Eyewitness Proof: Canada Post Does not Deliver Parcels

Finally I have proof. Eyewitness testimony.

For years I've thought that Canada Post parcel delivery service does not in fact deliver parcels -- they deliver parcel delivery notices, those notices stating that one's parcel is at the post office waiting for pick-up as there was no answer when delivery attempt was made.

When I got one of these notices, I'd look at the date on it, think about where I was, then suddenly realise I was at home all that day. I'd puzzle over how I missed that distinctive courier/letter carrier/police knock on the door. It happened over and over until I decided that Canada Post doesn't actually deliver parcels that need signatures, only the notices. My take on their thinking was that no-one is at home, so why bother. Today I have proof I'm right.

I got one of those bloody delivery notices, called Canada Post, got the "we only do one delivery; I'll have the supervisor call you" spiel. When? In 24-48 hours. Wow. Love the expedited service. Then she had me read out the date and time. Suddenly it hit me: I was home on that date. But what was I doing at that time? Hmmmm....I kept cogitating after I hung up, checked my phone display...and...another flash. I was on the phone. Not only had I received a call just before the stated delivery time, I remembered that I was sitting, looking out the front window, one couch length away from the froont door. I would've seen anyone approaching my front door. No one did. And I would've heard that distinctive knock, no question. It never happened. Now I know for a fact Canada Post fudges that delivery thing. They go straight for the delivery notice, and we poor schmucks who've paid an exorbitant fee have to go trundling off to pick up our parcel, for they only make one delivery attempt. (According to them, all couriers only make one delivery attempt. So they're no different on the service scale.) If I don't pick up the parcel, back it goes to sender. Lovely. Remind me why I didn't go for the more expensive, guaranteed to be delivered to me option? Oh yeah, the money.


Anonymous said…
Check this:

Canada Post does deliver parcels = http://forums.ebay.ca/thread.jspa?threadID=500029909&tstart=0&mod=1209060423642
Anonymous said…
can you say )@*$)(@*#%_@*#_)@(#$_#@)($@_#($@#

the government?

yes...i can.

your government loves you.

They will take care of you.
Anonymous said…
I too have been home and got the notice only from Canada Post. This past week I had a parcel to be delivered to my work. The delivery person didn't even bring in the parcel - just the notice that they could not deliver it, and left the notice with the secretary who would have signed for the delivery. They must get paid by the delivery, not by the hour so it wastes too much time for you to answer the door and sign!
Anonymous said…
they get paid via salary, and have guidelines regarding office buildings and apartments due to time constraints. normally if it can fit in your mailbox, it will be placed there, anything larger will most likely have a notice. if you/the shipper have paid for premium service then they will go to your door twice then dump it at your local postal outlet leaving the ball in your court
The ones who actually come to my door, knock loudly as they're supposed to. You can't deliver a parcel without knocking on the door. Even if they have instructions to leave it at the door without a signature, they still knock. So when they don't knock or choose to bring up a notice instead of the package like for the previous commenter, it means they're not doing their job, which is to deliver the parcel.

If Canada Post doesn't want to lose their parcel business, they need to remember what the fundamentals of that job is: deliver the parcel to the recipient.
Anonymous said…
This happened to me just today. I was sitting at home waiting for a parcel to be delivered. Checked the tracking and it said it was out for delivery. Check again about 1/2 later and now it says: Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up. I live in an apartment building and they did not even buzz me, they just put the notice in my mailbox and left. I was sitting 5 feet from my front door when they said they tried to deliver it. This has happened to me numerous times in the past. About 1 in 5 time they will actually deliver to my door and the package size does not seam to matter. I think the driver just wants to finish quickly and fastest was is to just leave a notice and not bother to bring the package from the truck and take the elevator.
Anonymous said…
Ive had a similar but different problem. I ordered a machete off of ebay, and i was watching the tracking, same as what others have done, seen it switch to delivered, gona downstairs to open my door andhave it just lying on my porch. no knock, etc. I know it didnt require a signature. but its a huge footlong sharp-ass machete. N|ot only that but its all been payed for. ANYONE could have just walked up and opened it. (stolen it) and caused some serious damage. Why is it so hard to ring the doorbell?
I don't know why it's so hard for Canada Post employees to ring a doorbell or buzz an apartment, but you'd think they'd be motivated to meet courier standards in order to keep their jobs. They must've noticed the downward trend of people using Canada Post ... or maybe they can't conceive of the work drying up.
Anonymous said…
Shenanigans! COUNTLESS TIMES, the delivery notice has arrived with my mail. There is NO attempt to actually deliver the package.

This just happened to me. According to the tracking information, a package was cleared for delivery on March 3rd, and 10 days later the delivery notice arrived in the mail, with our other lettermail, at the usual time (around 9:30 AM). Both my husband and I were home. Not a knock. No doorbell. So, it's not as though the mailman coincidentally arrived at our home at the exact time someone tried to deliver the package, and the letter carrier offered to put the notice in with our mail. That's just too preposterous to even suggest.

Let's keep it real.... The delivery notice was in with my mail, as has happened MANY times, in the past. No one attempted to deliver my package.

(This package needed no signature, and had no COD charges. In fact, the guy didn't even ask for I.D. when I picked it up.)

The painful part was, there were semi-perishable items in that package. So, not only were they now ruined (because the package was already 10 days late), but I had to wait until "after 1 PM" the following day, to go pick it up, myself.


My CP packages usually "arrive" (if only the delivery notice sometimes) 2-3 business days later. I usually champion how good the mail service is, except for this issue (with packages not being delivered).

Having had MANY delivery notices arrive with my lettermail, I asked the CP employee if there is ANY way I can get packages actually delivered to my home. He hemmed and hawed, saying, "They're supposed to attempt to deliver them."

Uh, huh.

This wasn't a one-off.

So, I have no choice but to opt for courier delivery, for packages...if I want them delivered to my home. (If it doesn't matter, I can still use CP.)

This last package cost me $60 for shipping, and the semi-perishable contents were ruined. (Next day courier was $120 for shipping.) Boy! I won't make that mistake again. There's no recourse when CP arbitrarily holds your ackage for no reason, then doesn't even try to deliver it. Contents ruined, too bad, so sad.

FYI, I live just a short drive from the largest mail sorting location in Canada.
Anonymous said…
This happens to me EVERY time. I live on a normal residential street. I work at home. Answer the door all the time for solicitors. Canada post, never knocks, rings anything, just deliver the notice and run away. Crap service.
Beastybargains said…
Canada post is lousy I paid for my shipping and this is what I get
Anonymous said…
Right on. I have been having notices "delivered" to me all the time even though I stay at home in my apartment all the time too. I kept calling them that their post-office is too far for me to travel by bus and I am on a wheel chair etc. They insisted that I need to arrange my own TRAVEL to pick it up or else....

NEVER get your passport delivered by Canada Post if you pay a little extra to get it delivered to your home when Canada Post SAYS expedited delivery is supposed to do.

Another LYING government agency just like all MAJOR BANKS & INSURANCE COMPANIES.
Anonymous said…
In the Vancouver area Canada Post holds packages up till they accumulate to their "delivery standards" & there is no one in "government" who is even concerned about their system -
Considering their wages in comparison to the world market Canada post is ripping off fellow Canadians like it is their right to do so - time a for major change in their attitude I think is long past due - geoff
Geoff: That is ridiculous. Parcels need to be delivered in a timely way, just like bills.

Canada Post has recently started wanting my signature on parcels like books. Never have I had to go to my local post office to pick up a book from Chapters or Amazon before. Whether I was home or not, they would leave them in a "safe drop" place. All of a sudden, they changed. I called, complained, and they said they would note it. We'll see.
Anonymous said…
I get packages delivered to my home a few times a week, have for years (I like shopping online a LOT!).

In fact, the postal guys (and gals) that deliver to me are friendly and know me by name.

No, I don't work for Canada Post but I figured I should say something as the experience others are having here are not the norm. Purolator used to drop a notice and run but haven't for a about a year now...

Anonymous said…
Have to say, it can be hit or miss. Last week I had been tracking 2 items I was expecting. One was delivered.. and one wasn't, though according to the tracking info, it was marked as "delivered"... Funny, because both delivery times were marked as being the same. 2:47pm. I received a pick up notice the day. Now, how could it be, that I was home to receive one parcel, but not the other.. at the exact same time?! Probably, the postal worker went back out to the truck and saw I had another package and couldn't be bothered to walk back to the door.

I sought this complaint out, because it happened again today. Tracking a parcel that is supposed to have been delivered, but is sitting at the post office waiting for me. There is nothing wrong with my hearing, and I know exactly where I was at 12:33pm this afternoon.. feeding my kid lunch at the kitchen table, 10 feet away from the door.

If you have a job to do, bloody well do it! Argh.
SR said…
The Canada Post delivery person in my area goes like this. He will press my door bell once, DONG!, that is it. Every time. Then he starts writing the delivery note, by the time he finishes, in about 10 seconds, he is gone. If I got lucky and I could outrun him in that 10 seconds, I got my parcel. Otherwise, it is the postal outlet. He's pretty good at it. LOL!
Anonymous said…
I keep having the same problem, and it happened again to me today! I am sitting at home waiting for the package, checking the website and my mailbox. I find a delivery notice with no time written on it, and the website says attempted delivery at a time that I was there waiting !

Canada Post is crap, and it is shameful that government money is going to their shoddy business.
Unknown said…

Today I went to the community post box to find the Post Woman delivering mail. I knew I had a parcel which was "out for delivery" So I check my box only to find an attempted delivery card. So I asked the worker. "do you have the parcel in the car?" she said "no you need to drive to the shoppers drug mart to pick it up because it won't fit in the box."

The parcel is a down sweater... It will fit in the small box never mind the larger one. Not only that the the parcel notice isn't filled out.

This is ridiculous. Is it laziness or a new policy that CP workers don't have to do their jobs?
Linda D. said…
Canada Post does NOT deliver parcels anymore!!! Not that we know of as we have to pick up our packages all the time!!! They say they have attempted delivery but they lie all the time because we are retired and at home and have always checked their attempted delivery dates and time against our alarm circuit and there were no such calls or messages or attempts to deliver!!! Don't know how they can live with lies!!! That's like stealing money by not doing their job!!! Have complained about this before but nothing has changed.
Same thing happens to me regularly. Just today I saw the delivery person leaving, she didn’t even try to knock on my door. I called customer service to complain, they say they will pass the message along to the delivery person’s supervisor. I am also told that to get the package “re-delivered” (not that it was ever delivered in the first place), it will take up to a week. I left a passive-aggressive note on my mailbox to actually knock to see if there’s an answer before putting “no answer” on the delivery notification. Hopefully things get straightened out.
Anonymous said…
I get about half of the items delivered and half the items simply show as "delivery failed" online when I'm home all day. Then I get the actual card the next day with my mail and have to wait till it makes to the post office till I can actually pick it up. It's a total SCAM - there's no explanation other than they simply DO NOT ATTEMPT to deliver it - makes me so mad that I end up choosing to pay more for DHL/UPS so I don't have to drive out to get something that's SUPPOSED to arrive at my door. Complain and boycott is pretty much all we can do but I doubt this will change anything. Shame on you Canada Post.
Anonymous said…
I was at home all day on Friday and actually heard the sound of mail being dropped off in my mailbox. I picked up the mail later that day and noticed a delivery notice. After reading this post, I phoned Canada Post 1-866-607-6301 today on Monday. The guy gave me a reference number and said he would report this and it would never happen again. We will see. I encourage everyone to report this, so Canada Post is aware of this issue and will hopefully do something about it.
Anonymous said…
I had this happen to me about six times. I was a new home owner so i didn't know the drill, but after having a baby and waiting in the long line at Shoppers for my things I got fed up and started calling Canada Post EVERY single time I got a notice. It took three times and actually speaking to the head office..but I finally receive my packages at my front door. I found that the customer service was actually really helpful. I did have to wait for someone to call me back...but when I told them my mail box was less than 50 feet from my door they said OHHH! And that there was NO reason for me no to be able to have my packages delivered. ALSO....Canada Post does deliver parcels.
Peacimowen said…
Hmm. package 'guaranteed' to be delivered today, tracking shows it arrived in the city on the weekend, yet it still shows it in transit and of course didn't arrive with the mail - not even a notice. There is of course this form, though not sure what will result from it.
Michelle said…
A postal worker told me if they are busy, or if there are any funds owing (ie: for international parcels), they won't bother going to your door. You'll just get a notice saying "delivery attempted" even though they never even try to deliver the package.

Canada Post -> Lazy

Have you ever tried contacting your neighbourhood Postmaster? they don't even pick up the phone.

I say push them out of business, and let some real couriers deliver
Anonymous said…
I caught them red handed doing this yesterday. I live in an apartment building where if you dial in my apartment number it calls my phone, which is my cell phone. So even if I'm not home, I should be getting a call that someones at the door. Yesterday I happened to walk into the mail room as the Canada Post lady was putting in mail, I told her I'm waiting for a parcel and since I was really nice she actually went to the car and grabbed it even though she had just put in a "failed delivery" notice in my mailbox. They are lazy, that is all.
Anonymous said…
This is the best one yet....I ordered a cell phone online......I followed the tracking and saw the expected delivery date was on my set of days off from work. On the first day I spent the entire day at the front of the house mowing the lawn and working in the garage which you would have had to have passed to get to the front door.By 5:00 I was done and went in and just happened to check the tracking for my package and it was marked undeliverable due to weather!!!????(bright sunshine and a cool breeze all day) 2nd attempt for the following day was scheduled.Same routine although this time the kids were playing road hockey and I and another neighbor were the curb side referees. 6:00 in the evening rolled around(we ordered pizza to the front of the house for lunch so as not to miss the post maonm(woman or man?))and again no delivery. I went in and sure enough there was a posting on the tracking.....undeliverable due to road closure???!!!!...damn children and their stupid street hockey. The funny thing is, my house is 2 doors from the corner where the postal truck would have had to turn in and I was watching all day so that was B.S.A few hours later the package had a new tracking number and was shown being returned to sender with 2 attempts to deliver but unable to do so.Of course this brought on a whole nuther set of problems dealing with the rocket scientists they hire at the call centers in Dubai.No amount of begging, cajoling, threatening or bribe offering could remedy the problem and I finally had to start all over and try again....this time I opted for the extra cost of Purolator and 2 days later my phone arrived which I promptly set up and called my M.P. to lodge a complaint....HA!!...going from dealing with one tax sucking nightmare to another. The whole thing would run more efficiently and cheaper if the service was contracted out to a combined group made up of DHL,Purolator and UPS......God knows they couldn't do any worse and at least they enforce the no drinking/drugs on the job policy.
Anonymous said…
Exactly the same thing happened to me today, I was home whole day and found delivery notice in my mail-box in evening! Worse is that they want me to pay 15$ for a 50$ parcel for which I have already paid shipping!!
Anonymous said…
Couple of things:
Canada Post does not rely on government (taxpayer money) to fund itself.

The procedure to card items is simply this:
Ring the door bell/knock on door begin writing DNC card. If no one arrives by the time the notice is written place the card in the mail box and then proceed to your next POC.
Most of you people hear the doorbell or knock at the door and take you time getting to the door. Or you come to the door talking on the phone. When you hear the doorbell call out if you need time to get to the door. If we hear activity inside we will wait. Otherwise we have plenty of other stops to make. If you are on the phone then hang up and call the person back.
If you think we are lazy then come and do the job. new hires half my age don't last more than 2weeks.
Lucinda said…
Not EVERY parcel gets delivered to the door just because it comes Expedited or Expresspost. If it is a Non-signature parcel, and is too big for the box, it gets carded. Not all customers understand that to-the-door delivery is an extra charge paid-for by the sender, and is stated on the label itself by an X in the signature-required box, or it clearly says under the bar-code: "To-the-door delivery mode". Please check your labels before you consider putting in a complaint.
Thanks! :)
Lucinda said…
Oh... and the ones that are just left at the door, are designated as "Leave At Door" deliveries. It clearly states it below the scan barcode. Out of courtesy, I will ring the bell or knock... but I still leave the [parcel as directed.
Dear Letter Carriers:

talk talk talk is NOT a forum, it's MY blog. This post on Canada Post is MY post and is not part of a forum on mail delivery; I rarely blog on mail or couriers. The date of this post should have given you a clue. I moderate the comments on all my posts, which means long comments take awhile to get through. If you'd bothered to acquaint yourself with MY blog and who I am, you'd know it takes me time to read, especially long comments, and then to decide whether to publish the comments since both these cognitive functions were affected by my brain injury. I will sometimes take days to moderate, and no one up till now has yelled at me for it. People who comment anonymously and abuse me ain't getting past my moderation.
So I got to the letter carrier comments. Read the first two properly, and the first sentence of the third one -- "I see a lot of commentors who are selfishly thinking only as themselves" -- and thought why am I reading the entirety of this crap? I read it and enough of the rest to get their tone and message.

The first Anon Letter Carrier: A second when you're waiting may seem like a minute, but when you're rushing to the door, it's not remotely long enough. I highly doubt people waiting for a parcel are taking their time. I don't; no one I know does. Some of us also can't move that fast or have enough puff power to call out and be heard.

I only published this one anon comment from a postal worker because it was informative. And Lucinda's was under her own name and both informative and respectful. But the rest of the anonymous comments I refuse to publish.

The public finds this 7-YEAR-OLD blog post through searches. They read it as individuals; they share their similar stories as individuals. But the comments from postal workers was part of a campaign sparked by a Facebook post.

Anonymous comments as part of that campaign got more and more epithet filled and outright threatened me by saying they'd reported me to my blog carrier because I'd had the audacity to publish comments from the public who'd had similar experiences as mine. I don't take kindly to being bullied.

Also: postal workers' comments will be treated differently from the public because you *serve* the public. It behooves anyone who serves the public to remember that and to channel your anger into respectful and informative language toward whom you serve.

Postal workers: you're not alone in being stiffed by management. TTC union and management don't get along either; doctors and hospital admin and government don't; nurses and hospital admin don't; nannies and their exploitative employers don't. But they don't attack the people whom they serve. They rant amongst themselves but find ways to continue to serve their customers or patients to the best of their ability, and in doing so and in not slagging them, get them on side when the subject of work difficulties comes up.

Postal workers have a great opportunity to get the public on side with Canada Post's absolutely bonkers decision to destroy their business; instead too many of you chose to target my blog and fill your comments with bitter, angry language. I, for one, am no longer sympathetic.
Unknown said…
I'm really pissed at Canada Post. The same thing happened to me at least three times. I hate how they check marked "No Answer" when they didn't even ring the doorbell while I was home all those times. Canada Post have the most worst service ever! Also I hate how they don't even have an on-line area for me to write my complaints. I even called them, however, it was all voice recording and I couldn't even reach a customer service rep. They are increasing their prices and doing a horrible job. Form now on, avoid Canada Post as much as possible. Totally not worth our businesses.
Unknown said…
I called them and asked if my parcel would be delivered or if I would only get the slip in the mail. She said the parcel is too heave and the poor female driver would not be able to physically put it in and take it out of her vehicle. So I would have to pick it up... FedEx and Purilator and UPS have no problems employing people who can physically do the job, but because Canada Post hire people who are physically unfit to do the juo at hand, I have to go pick it up at the post office...
That is BS. When you purchase things online, find yourself a way to demand non Canada Post shipping...
bassox said…
We are a medium sized eBay business with three handles all shipping daily out of Toronto. We are -extremely- concerned about what is going to happen when Canada Post implements it's non door to door delivery within urban areas in Canada. This will likely mean a massive headache for our Canadian sales within Canada. We experience the difficulty of having to have someone on the phone with CP on a monthly basis. I hope that they can get their ship in order. We'd appreciate it!
Unknown said…
Canada Post just left a parcel on my front doorstep without ringing the doorbell today (Dec 05, 2014). No note was left in mailbox either.

The parcel was left in an area that was protected from the elements; and could not be easily seen from the road -- so no real harm. But I usually enter/leave my house through the garage, not the front door. I was lucky that I DID use the front door today and saw the parcel as soon as I did.

How hard would it have been for the postal carrier to take 3 seconds to ring the doorbell to alert me to the fact that my parcel had been left outside. Do they have no common sense; or concern for citizens' property?

I will be cancelling admail and also start getting all my bills via the web to further reduce Canada Post's revenues.
Unknown said…
cp chose to send me notice of delivery attempted, as i watched them drive by.

mailbox is infront of house, similar package same size and weight from same sender was hand delivered in little red mail truck. (the truck they had me raise the mailbox by four inches so they could use without hurting their wrists! the truck they dont even use daily!!!!)
that was last month.

notice says package will be available after 4pm, but tracking online says item is available at post office.

calling post office to ask if she will check for my package and get stonewalled. this is something they have done for me before as this has happened before.

calling canada post customerservice and she told me the package would be there by five! as though she is laughing at me!
Unknown said…
Yes, this is completely true! Im sitting at my computer right now, and Im honestly so frustrated. I was supposed to get my parcel delivered to my front door, and I was also tracking it online. The package was held at the office for over 15 days! Also as of right now, the site says there was an "attempted" delivery and a notice was left at my front door to where I can pick my package up at 6:00pm. Truth is, Im home all day and I got NOTHING at all!! I dont even know what to do know, and its 8:00!
I tried making a claim, but the site says my tracking number isn't "valid" but it is written on the site! If anyone knows what to do...please let me know..
Thomas Lavoie said…
This is the 6th time they don't ring the door and leave while I'm at home and assume I'm not home! I just called them to do an official complaint. The next step is the ombudsman with the reference number they gave me.

Unknown said…
This has happens all the time . I am shopping online twice a month. 50 percent of my parcel I have to pick up from local post office. Now they sent my parcel 10 km away from my home and the outlet post hours limited even no saturday open and no idea how to pickup parcel as I can not cut my work hours to go to post office to pick up (worth $20 dollar) parcel . I called 18002671177 to complain that delivery is canadapost responsibility and the lady just trying to skip and finally say you have to send someone to pick up the parcel.
ChrisJ said…
I'm retired, home all day. I watch the CP website, it says "out for delivery" all day, then at the end of the day, "Delivery attempted." NO DELIVERY ATTEMPT IS EVER MADE. I'm waiting for 2 parcels to be delivered, but will end up paying somebody to pick them up for me at the post office. All the carrier has to do is buzz the apartment. I'll gladly go to the lobby and pick up, rather than pay somebody to go fetch at the post office.

CP's Carrier lies to me, the customer, and lies to Canada Post, his employer. I've phoned CP Customer Service numerous times to complain.They lie, too, and promise a Supervisor will look into it, will call me back, etc.

I'd happily pay courier fees to have my parcels brought to my door, but companies (Amazon.ca take note, please!) don't give me that option.

Canada Post should privatize, turn mail delivery over to couriers who want the business. The first thing to do is to eliminate CP Customer Service. There is no customer service any more.

Canada Post is useless. And they don't give a dam* about it, either.
Unknown said…
Just happened today and last 3 times, each time Canada Post.
I also work from home and check online tracking all the time.
They never bothered to knock or to attempt to deliver. They claimed they attempted delivery but they never did.
It is unbelievable; you would think it would be easier just to do the work. But no, their business model is to lie to their customers, not do the work but at the same time charge for it.
Unknown said…
It happened to me too! I sent my package since Wednesday and it suppose to arrive on Friday. I paid for xpress post and I bought the one with a tracking number! It has been a week and they haven't delivered it yet!

I called the customer service like 4 times already, first and second time, they didn't do anything and just told me to wait and did nothing. Third one put a case number or it and told someone to investigate, first she said I have to wait for 5 days but then I was very pissed because it is about application and has a deadline on it and she said 1 day and put it on a important case, later someone called me and told me that have been investigating it, and everything should be done in 24-48 hours. Today I just called them again and told me to wait for five business days before they finish the investigation.

Why do we have to wait for 5 business days for such investigation? I could have sent another letter and get it to the destination in just 3 days, 5 days is too long for investigation.

Canada Post did not even apologize for the delay and put no effort in sending the package.
wendella said…
I get a few packages a week delivered. I'm home as I work from home. I have had 4 delivery notices in the last week. Nobody knocked on the door or rang the bell. This morning I went out to check the mail. It hadn't arrived yet. I went in the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, I thought I heard the mailbox rattle so I went out to check again. There was a notice once again! No attempt whatsoever to deliver my small package. This is getting really annoying.
Unknown said…
Report to: ombudsman@canadapost.postescanada.ca

Let them know what is going on in Canada post
lol said…
I just had the same problem I checked the tracking online and it said delivery was attempted but at the time that they said they had "attempted" delivery I heard no knocks or the doorbell ringing I only found a stupid notice
Unknown said…
I caught them putting it in my mail box down the street after they drove past my house while I was working in the front yard
Toolio said…
I work at home, so I'm always here during delivery times. I have not had a delivery to my door from Canada post in two years. I receive about four parcels a month via Canada Post. These days they don't even bother to put them in the community mailbox, even though most will fit. I must constantly drive to the local drug store to pick up my parcels. I've complained several times and Canada Post always informs me that I have a right to have the parcels delivered to my door. But it never happens. It has gotten so bad that now I try to order online from people who use real courier services instead of this joke known as Canada Post.
Unknown said…
October 17, 2015

The whole mail delivery system is not working in Burnaby, BC. The Canada Post is not providing residential mail delivery service in Burnaby, BC. Their delivery employee is rude and unprofessional.
For the last two weeks, I had to receive three parcels, none of them was delivered; yesterday, I tried to truck all of them and here what I found:
1. Parcel #1 was shipped from USA on September 30, 2015 via USPS First Class Mail Intl. tracking number L J 858039055US marked as delivered on October 06, 2015 but I've never picked this parcel nor I was notified to receive the package.
2. Parcel #2 was sent from Richmond, BC which is only 2 miles away from Burnaby, BC on October 08, 2015 by regular mail; it's not arrived eight days later and it's probably was lost!?
3. Parcel #3 was shipped from Mississauga, Ont. on October 12 via Expedited Parcels tracking number 7308755801267425 marked as attempted delivery, notice card left indicating where item can be picked up but it's a total falsification because there is no delivery note anywhere found.
Canada Post in Burnaby, BC failed to make delivery three times in a row for two weeks and the delivery woman in my area is sabotaging her job.
Max Kroff
Unknown said…
Very interesting.
I got a parcel "out for delivery" since 12:30 pm, and I stayed at home with the door opened since then.
Guess what, now it's 6:00 pm, no one knocked the door, no delivery notice, no parcel, no status change online.
It is possible that seeing my door was opened, the delivery guy chose to "deliver" the NOTICE tmr.
Pam said…
LIAR! Yes, I'm calling you out! I've had issues now for 10 years with parcels. I live on a residential street, right in the middle of town. I have sat, at a window, watching, all day, when my parcel is "out for delivery". On at least six occasions over the last year, I watched the parcel truck park across the street, while the driver writes out a card, run across the street, & drop the "attempted delivery" card in my mailbox. I banged on my window the last 3 times. The first time he turned & looked RIGHT AT ME, then continued to keep going to his truck & drive away. The last 2 times he won't even turn around. I even went so far as to install surveillance cameras, & have him ON VIDEO. I've reported this to the toll free customer service at least 12-14 times now, yet no one does anything. Once, when I reported finding a neighbor's mail in the road, (we get various neighbor's mail at least once a month) I stopped receiving mail. This went on 2 months...not ONE piece of mail! I contacted the local office with no resolution. Called the toll free number & threatened to call the media, & the next day I received a bundle of mail, wrapped with an elastic, so large I couldn't get my hand around it. (It was at least 3 inches thick!) They were retaliating for my complaint, by withholding my mail. It's literally legal blackmail. No one cares. And these new street boxes all over Canada will make it worse! Just another excuse why you don't get your mail or parcels. Currently, I'm waiting on a 2 day, regional Xpresspost parcel, (shipped from BC to AB) that was sent Friday. The tracking number isn't even in the system yet, & today is TUESDAY! I should HAVE IT by now! Canada Post should be dismantled completely, & have the government contract out our mail & parcels to one of the big parcel delivery companies.
Anonymous said…
Canada Post is not consistent. If someones knock, drop everything you are holding, and RUN to the door!

Back in the days, I ordered from Amazon.CA with ''One Day Delivery'', (which isn't available anymore), the carrier was UPS, they usually always deliver on-time. Except this time, they didn't so I contacted Amazon to know what was going on... they ended up refunding the shipping fees the same day, and they contacted UPS for me. The next day, the guy was aware of the situation, and apologized for the delay!

My point is; UPS, DHL, PUROLATOR are professionals. If I want a delivery to be on time, I choose any other carrier but CP.
Unknown said…
After waiting 8 days for my next day delivery I noticed on the site it said out for delivery so I sat out side for a bit and in that time cp came, as I watched the lady walked up to my apartment building door stuck the attempted delivery card to the side of the building and walked away, I grabbed the card and said this is mine, she told me sorry but I just left your package back at the cp at the gas station five minutes ago, you will have to go pick it up tomorrow. What's the point of having this crapy service and paying extra for it when they don't even try, I'm never using cp ever again.
BGP said…
I was at home too on Dec. 30, and I received a notification card to pick up the parcel, including a charge of 50$. How can they lie and charge me at the same time when i already paid for the shipping at Amazon? I called Canada Post and was avoiding talking to me by saying she is busy.
Unknown said…
Only robots work at Canada post.
I sent a parcel from Dec 31. granted the PC I had 1 letter in the PC was not correct LIZ vs LIV
Granted they sort by PC it took the package to Ajax , now if you know Ajax and Pickering they are right next to each other. Then one of the Robots keyed in the address to find the PC but they entered an incorrect PC L1W which took the package to Mississauga. Now the expected date of delivery is Feb 2 because for every mistake that is made they add 10 days. So 10 days for me entering the wrong PC and 10 days for them entering the wrong PC. Then he proceed to tell me that if they can't still deliver it to the person (and the only reason they cannot do so is because they are incompetent robots) they will return the packages to me. So I guess they don't trust themselves to enter in the correct PC a second time.
We need real competition so we never have to use Post again. What they really need is for management to do their job clean-up all that goes on. They need some accountability. Can't even find anyone to complain to because no body there cares.
Unknown said…
I ordered a coat online, which was supposed to be delivered by Canada Post. When I used their online tracking tool today, it said it was out for delivery. And so I had been waiting by the door. Within an hour I refreshed the page, only to see that it had been "delivered to recipient's front door". I take a look outside, and find nothing there. Immediately, I called Canada Post's 1800 number, but I was rudely told that it is the sender's responsibility and that I should call them instead. Obviously they delivered the package to the wrong address and now I am paying the consequences for it.
Unknown said…
Well now I know I'm not the only one experiencing these issues. It's been about a year since a package has been physically delivered to my door via Canada Post. I don't drive and the packages are being left at a post office that isn't even the closest one to my residence... I'm within the 500 meter distance from the community mail box... if I could choose another carrier I would but I don't always have that option while shopping online. This is total bs. I just posted on the Facebook page and was told to call... yeah that's done me a lot of good in the past year... fml.
Markham guy said…
Ordered a parka online directly from Canada Goose. They gave me a tracking number and used the mobile site to follow along. Low and behold, see update that it was delivered and up came a digitized signature that looked like scribble. No parka. Just left standing in the cold. No way it was delivered to the wrong house. Just some crooked unionized delivery guy (warm mind you) that's figured out one of many loop holes in their fully insured delivery procedures. No skin off their backs. I'm sure they're allowed to make a set number of mistakes per year! They might refer to them as benefits?
Unknown said…
I watched from my balcony as the driver sat right in front of my building for 3 min got in his truck and left didn't even leave a notice. What a fuckin joke
Unknown said…
Until I saw this blog, I was taking CP's blatant incompetence personally. In the back of my mind I thought maybe I had angered CP and was on a list or something! It's sad but it's a relief to know I'm far from alone. It is now obvious failing to deliver and lying about it is CP policy.

Out of the dozens of packages sent to me via CP in the last year, not a single one was actually delivered, but they're really good at delivering those "delivery notice" cards claiming they tried. I work at home at a desk right beside a window which is right beside the mail box. Most times I catch them delivering the notice, so ask when they attempted delivery. Every time they have lied right to my face, saying "earlier today". Every time i tell them it's not possible because I've been right here the whole time, they just smile and tell me I must have missed them.

To add injury to insult, the package is never available the day they lied about delivering it - it's always a day later! So not only do i have to go and wait in line at the PO to pick up my packages (most of which are supposed to be "next day delivery"), but I have to pick them up myself a day later than I've paid for.