Reality, Debbie Style

From the Ground Up is Debbie Travis' latest reality show. She took her frustration at the dismal situation in the trades and at her perceived lack of work ethic in 20-somethings and used it to drive her (formidable) creative energy into creating a reality show that highlights both problems, while entertaining the viewer at the same time.

At first, From the Ground Up seemed like any other reality show -- cast a bunch contestants, have them work together yet compete, test their skills and attitude, dangle a big prize in front of them, reduce the numbers, then have the public vote. Last night in the finale she added in some info on just how bad the situtation is -- need 20,000 tradespeople in the next 2 years in BC alone -- she even interviewed the Ontario Cabinet Member in charge of apprentices. That's the way to do something about your frustrations -- take that energy and use it to create a solution, using your strengths and talents. Impressive.

I did not see Ryan A as winning the prize, I must say. I don't usually watch reality shows -- Canadian Idol being the sole exception, but this show was entertaining right to the last second!

There will be a second season. I'll be watching!