Crowdfunding for Concussion Is Brain Injury

I write on my other blog about brain injury aka concussion. As you may have guessed from some of my posts, brain injury has become a big topic for me, not only in trying to describe it, but also to talk about the lack of understanding, the promise of new treatments, and advocating for accommodation. I wrote a book on it back in 2012, and I always intended to update it.

I'm finally ready!

Today, I’m leaping into the world of crowdfunding. It’s a big risk because you’re asking people to put their cash and their faith in you towards launching your books out of your computer and into print, to take what only you and a few others have seen and turn it into paperbacks and ebooks that anyone around the world can read. I’ve always admired people who crowdfund. Their inspiration, my editor at Iguana Books, and my own circumstances have combined to make me take this leap at last for Concussion Is Brain Injury.

The crowdfunding is to update it. I want to make it better for readers. I want to enrich and enhance it with ground-breaking new sections that challenge the status quo, sections on the raw reality of relationships, the truth about our emotions, my thoughts on CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), faith after injury, rehabilitating reading in the knowledge economy, and a promising new treatment that I kickstarted.

To that end, I need your help to fund the services I need to bring this book to readers. The funds raised through PubLaunch – a crowdfunding site designed specifically for authors and readers – will go towards professional editing, a new exciting cover design, better packaging, and a robust marketing campaign. I have set up some great rewards for you in return for your generous support, including prints of my original photography, special edition hardcover copies, and copies of my previous books.

The target of $11,000 (Canadian) will cover all expenses. Won’t you join me in making this second edition happen? Please click the link below to check out the campaign:

I look forward to you participating!