Storm Pictures in Toronto

The thing I missed most when I was out west for a long vacation back in the 1990s, and only realized it when I returned, was a good old Toronto thunderstorm. Well, the thunderstorms these days have ratcheted up the drama factor. Floods, tornadoes, lightning strikes. This summer, it seems that trees down are regular events. I hear we’ve even lost the famous Silver Maple of unofficial anthem fame.

Tree Bent Shireen Jeejeebhoy 09-July-2013

Along with the downed trees, comes downed Hydro. Toronto Hydro many years ago had a plan to bury hydro lines not just along Toronto’s main arteries but residential roads too. They shelved it due to the expense. In spite of the flooding we had, one wonders if it would’ve been less costly in the long run to have carried out the original burial plan, given how often trees and wind are pulling down the power lines and cutting off power to tens of thousands of Torontonians.

The storms are also bringing on some fabulous Nature shows. I’d heard of mammatus clouds before but had never seen them with my own eyes until the oohs and aahs on Twitter caused me to peek up and out my own window.

Mammatus Clouds Levels Shireen Jeejeebhoy 2013-07-19