Happy Summer!

While the flowers and bugs get busy blooming and buzzing, I'm going on a political blog vacation. What better time than during the dog days of summer when the heat slays dogs and humans alike, when thoughts prefer to dwell on hard decisions like which book to read next, when politics and misogyny and wars seem to overwhelm the overheated brain. After all -- and unfortunately -- the latter will still be here -- the endless TTC yak, the federal Tory government's continued drive to secrecy, the unreal reaction to women expressing opinions about how they're portrayed, the killing of citizens by their governments -- come September.

Everyone needs a break.

Sometimes though a break comes in the form of doing something else. Instead of blogging this summer, I'll be editing and publishing my book Concussion is Brain Injury, and I will also be a guinea pig in brain biofeedback for gamma brainwaves, a frequency that hasn't received much attention and may be implicated in brain injury. I will be blogging on my website at http://jeejeebhoy.ca about this exciting and exhausting experience. Come and check out this something different.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a happy summer, and when the bugs slow down and flowers turn deep, I shall return.