The Targus Case for the New iPad: An Excellent Choice

When I bought the new iPad, aka the iPad 3, I had to buy a new case for it. The new iPad is thinner and smaller than the original one and so kind of swam in my old case. Besides which, I soon sold the original iPad, including the useful Apple case, to a friend.

I read up on a lot of cases, but few fit my specs: to be as unobtrusive and as versatile as the Apple case for the original iPad. For reasons unknown, Apple did not create the same kind of case for the iPad 2 or the new iPad.

Fortunately, Targus does. And in nifty colours too. The Targus case holds the iPad in three positions so as to free your hands: one for ease of typing, one to watch a movie in landscape position, and one to read long-form content, like magazine articles, in portrait mode. The cover (front flap) also folds back completely so that you can hold the iPad in your hand without the cover making it super heavy or be in the way. It also has a handy slot for a stylus, and it is a smart cover.

Well, it was supposed to be. When I got the case out of its packaging and the iPad into it, I discovered the cover was not so smart. When opened, the iPad would not automatically turn on, and when I shut the cover, the iPad would remain on instead of turning off. I emailed Targus, and they said they were working on it and would mail me a replacement in my colour.

They were as good as their word. I received the new case last week. The smart cover not only functions well, but the cover now stays in place when folded and inserted into the little tab on the back. The one I had bought slipped and slid inside that tab so that often the iPad would slowly slide into the flat position.

It is a good day to discover a company that works hard to create a good quality product and to hold customers in such high regard.