Democracy in Canada

Democracy in action:

Toronto City Council yesterday had a raucous time-unlimited debate on which and what kind of TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) lines to build after originally obeying the voters who'd asked for subways and then changing their minds in the last week or so. They had three votes on the matter, a couple changing their minds between votes. Meanwhile in the House of Commons, the majority Conservative government invoked time allocation -- again! -- on yet another bill because who needs the new Parliament to debate it? The voters gave them their four-year dictatorship mandate anyway; it's not like anything any opposition MP says is going to change their mind or persuade them to improve the bill.

So whither the voter? JQ Public always thought they could vote and then forget about democracy, for that's the job of their representatives, MP or Councillor. But if the reps don't do what Public told them to only a short election ago or behave as if democracy matters, then will Public be forced to participate too in this democracy of ours? Or will Public grumble, whine politicians never do what they promise, complain nothing will change, then turn over and go back to sleep until the next election?