Blogging on the iPad

I've been blogging for awhile. I began on my computer, tried writing posts on my iPod -- didn't work so well -- and then the iPad came along. I found a nifty app called "iA Writer" for writing my posts and another one called "BlogPress" for adding links, labelling, tweaking, and publishing them. I just about stopped using my computer for blogging.

Until iOS 5.

That upgrade broke BlogPress. I hadn't realised how much easier it had made posting to my blogs until it began crashing. For whatever reason, it didn't occur to me to delete and reinstall it, maybe because I had had to manually add back all my third-party apps from iCloud after the iOS 5 upgrade.

Well, this evening, after another aggravating session with Blogger on the iPad and a clunky session with WordPress on the computer, I deleted and reinstalled BlogPress. I've set up my blogs again. I'm writing this post in it, and God willing, it will let me do this again on another day because I really can't take going back to blogging on my computer or using Blogger on my iPad.


Robert C. said…
I have blogged on the Wordpress iPod touch app when forced too. Works for short posts but anything longer I wouldn't use it. Unless it was copying and pasting from something I wrote earlier.
Robert: I've gotten into the habit of copying and pasting on either my iPad or the rare times I blogged from my iPod Touch because like you, I find it easier but mostly because I don't want to do all that work and then the blogging app disappears it. It's when you think it won't happen that it does!