NaNoWriMo Time and A Sale To Celebrate

I'm a novelling Wrimo, one of tens and tens of thousands of people around planet Earth writing 50,000-word novels in the month of November as part of National Novel Writing Month. It's my third time.

I'm doing something different this year. Nope, not with my novel writing, but with my NaNo blogging. I joined Google+ a little while ago and have found it most excellent for quick and dirty blogging. And so I'm recording my daily writing efforts on G+ (well, on the days that I actually write, which so far has been every day but one ... so far), and then once a week, I'm gathering those posts together and copying them onto my website for those who like to read updates in one weekly swoop.

I invite you to follow me on Google+, read up about this year's NaNoWriMo novel Time and Space -- a time travelling Sci Fi story -- or follow my progress on my website, Twitter, or Facebook Page.

In honour of my third NaNoWriMo, I'm putting the ebook and Kindle versions of my highly rated and very first NaNoWriMo novel She on sale on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Smashwords (with coupon code PZ44G) for only 99¢. Read a sample and download it today before November is over!