Silly Stuff

I was searching through my archives for an old short story (for an ebook of my 1980s-1990s shorts), finally broke down to fire up my old XP to read floppies, and came across this sent from an American friend of mine on or about 1 February 1995. I don't know who originally wrote it (him or someone else), but I hope it gives you as big a chuckle as it did me.

How do we know your cat just walked over your keyboard?

;0kjds;l0jds;fkdjsdf;dljfdsjfdsj  <-----Cat on Keyboard

tyuri67ghfjkdnmbvc,xnvvnjhguty6t  <-----Fell asleep on Keyboard

.,;;aAA;;....mMmMMm....,;::.aAA;  <-----Mike Jittlov's ASCII art (one line)

KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK  <-----Kibo was here (his special K)

asdf jkl; asdf jkl; asdf jkl; a;  <-----Forgot to get off USENET before
                                                              playing with typing tutor program

1111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!  <-----BIFF1111!!!'s keys got stuck again

!@#$!! ^%&^%$#!! &^&*$#@!! *&^!!  <-----You kiss your mother with that mouth?

6.248765696969696765765307037743  <-----You have a Pentium and typed "7"

[234][345][123][4567][2344][234]  <-----You're using funny ASCII characters

LLwellynweddyngwyddenllynddewwd   <-----You live in Wales and told us where

*boom**shh!**boom**shh!**chunk!*  <-----You've installed a Rapmaster
                                                                                  5000 peripheral

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE]   <-----New Mosaic owner, huh?

asfewrrtfgcxzxzvvdsfsaewrwesadd   <-----Right hand doesn't know what
                                                                            left is doing

chrrrrchrrrchrrrchrrrchrrrrchrr   <-----New ferret/chinchilla owner
                                                                       describing odd noise pet made

23$#4567#@677887##@$][{)(*8&^%$   <-----You like to hang out on
                                                                                Chinese channels on IRC

Lum! Lum! Lum! Lum! Lum! Lum! !   <-----Anime fan begins to froth at mouth

heybabyyobabyheybabyyobabyyoyoyo  <-----Quoting Maggie Estep song


GIF!GIF!GIF!GIF!GIF!GIF!GIF!GIF!  <-----a.f.u. regular responding to
                                                                             lame newbie claims about an urban legend

baabaaabaabaaabaaabaaabaaabaaabaa <-----Goats about to awaken the
                                                                                   trolls under the bridge

8675309867530986753098675309Jenny <-----New Wave music fan

1231234123123412312341231234123   <-----You are a high school band director

00001110101010001000111001001001  <-----You've been around computers too long

****]=-------------------------   <-----Warlord Bait! It slices, it dices...

********************************* <-----contributing to global asterisk shortage

24125$#$7557&%&^%.,7654$#$445566  <-----Fourth line of Tawny Kitaen JPEG

asdgsgjfgjhdhjdhkhsdkhkshdkhfsddf <-----bored freshman with new toy