It's Hot -- Why No Siesta?

It’s hot. That’s pretty much my blog post for the day. It’s hot. Why don’t we have a siesta?

Toronto is usually hot in the summer. Other parts of the country get overly warm too. We all want to be green. Yet we’re little workaholics, working in the heat of the day, requiring the HVAC systems to go at it hard to keep us cool enough to work and think and use those heat-producing machines, computers.

Tis not very green.

Or summery.

Much better to wake early with the birds, whose happy gabbing is enough to waken the dead anyway. Work until about noon or 2:00 pm, then dial down the AC, and head home for a nice, long nap. Return to work after the heat of the day for another couple of hours or so and party it up in the cool of the night -- or sit comatose at a patio with a beer (or in my case, the tallest, coolingest fruit smoothie) to watch the night life.

The raccoons might be a bit miffed, having so many more humans awake in their hour, but it’d only be fair since they’re invading our hours these days. It’d make a nice change to the schedule, having a siesta. It’d be like a TTC shift -- divided! And you know what they say: a change is as good as a rest.