Whither Leadership Series?

Well, I gotta a big oops. I totally forgot about my leadership series. I think watching my choices being reduced for me down to two god-awful candidates in the Toronto mayoralty race, I got too disheartened. I guess I decided there just is no good leader left in this country -- certainly not in this city -- who has a pissing chance of even getting noticed, never mind elected. And definitely getting the message that women are no longer allowed and visible minorities can just stay in their place, as voters only. Between the polls and mainstream media deciding who we should look at, and before that the power brokers deciding who will be funded enough to have a chance-in-hell, it's like those who know the system, who know how to pat the old-boys-network's back, not the ones who have great ideas, exciting ideas, radical solutions to the mess we're in -- nooooo, those ones are not needed, thank you very much -- we won't be getting a quality, thinking leader any time soon.

Anyway, I shall return to my series, perhaps after election day on October 25th, when I've had a chance to recover from the deep disappointment that began as hope with Mayor David Miller leaving and before Prime Minister Stephen Harper engineers his election he's got his wife busy fund-raising for here in Toronto.

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