Car Crashes Claim Lives: The Visual Stats

Back in March, I wrote my first blog on car crash stats in Canada. I did a general overview on publicly available statistics with a look at the proportion of drunk drivers. Today, Hal Beatty on Twitter pointed to an excellent blog and graphic on Worldwide and US stats on car crashes. According to their numbers a person dies every 15 minutes from a car crash, every 45 minutes for one caused by a drunk driver. From my numbers (if I've done the math right), fewer Canadians die in car crashes than Americans: about one every 3 hours. Still, I like this graphic and how it gives a visual representation of the cost of bad driving and dangerous vehicles because whether it's one person every 15 minutes or every 3 hours, it's too many.

Automobiles and the Environment
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Cath said…
This is good graphic indeed. Thanks for sharing.
Bill Arends said…
It is interesting, but not surprising that 25 % of crashes involve people talking on cell phones. Maybe because there are more people like me, that harbour the urge to bump into these fools to see if thier stupid phones might just get stuck in thier stupid ears. :-)
You're welcome Cath!

Hey Bill, nice to see you! You're too funny!!

I heard on the news today that Toronto police have issued 4400 tickets since the new no-handheld-phone-while-driving law came into effect 3.5 months ago. Worse, after initial downward dip in dipsticks talking on phone, they're yakking as much as ever again.