Facing Christmas with Dread? Job will Comfort You

Christmas is so hard to endure when your relationships suck. Job, the character in the Bible who has a whole book devoted to him, lived this situation, and his story helps us cope.

I spent last year studying the Book of Job and created a guide to help other people who are striving to understand, navigate, or restore friendships or family relationships that have gone sour. It seems that when life is good, and you're doing well, people are happy to know you, but when life turns upside down, you lose your health, your job, your finances, your marriage, or even your sanity, friends and/or family run for the hills.

Job's three friends didn't run for the hills, but perhaps it would've been better for Job if they had. Instead, after a moment of silent solidarity, they broke out into alternating and growing fits of castigating him. They blamed Job for his sorry state, his loss of children, his loss of wealth, his loss of health. How he fought back and how he was restored can comfort us and teach us much about our own situations.

I invite you to walk through this book with me, especially if you're facing this month with dread in your heart. Begin with 5-star rated introduction, and then go through the book chronologically, or explore the sections that call to you most strongly, like the 5-star rated one on his three friends. Each article has a list of the other ones so you can easily go to the one you want to read more about. Interact with the articles, enjoy the illustrations, add your comments. I'd love to hear from you!