Toronto Tornado-Watch Thunderstorm Aftermath

This may've been the summer that wasn't -- although I rather enjoyed the non-sauna like weather we've had up until recently -- but boy has it produced the most dramatic thunderstorms I've seen in a while. The first one, about ten days ago, flickered lightening on and on and on in a way I don't recall seeing before. And today, much to my astonishment, a tornado watch was declared for Toronto. I looked at the sky; it seemed perfectly fine, and then suddenly the wind bent the trees, the rain slashed at the hydro wires and flew across the road, lightning flashed, thunder growled and grumbled and drummed, and the sky became green and yellow. Even the streetlights turned on and turned green. The aftermath was something else. Some saw rainbows; I saw this cloud show blessed by the beginnings of the sunset. I love Toronto and her weather!


Vjor Sevath said…
Indeed, it was quite something.
Sarah said…
I luv the photo Shireen :)

Thanks Sarah! I have more and plan on posting some point... :)