Joining the World in Watching MJ Memorial

Michael Jackson. Interesting guy. I'm not a fanatical fan, but I felt drawn to joining the world in watching his public memorial this afternoon on television. In the past, one only had a sense of being part of big world events when seeing the size of the audience on TV, but live streaming, Facebook, and particularly Twitter now gives one the actual experience of being part of a whole, in concert with each other. For a moment, we get a glimpse of what it's like to be united; even the grumblers are part of that united moment. And we share not only the event but also the emotions. It's pretty amazing what our scientists have accomplished for us.

In the past, I would've blogged my own experience after the event was over, but Twitter
allows live in-the-moment microblogging, and when it's done, the lights are turned off, who has the energy to blog too?! So herewith is my Twitter feed on my MJ Memorial thoughts.