I normally talk politics, rant about TTC, but today's Valentine's Day. All the couples are out canoodling, cards are flying back and forth, chocolate hearts are abounding, so it's time to talk sin. Chocolate sin, that is.

Chocolate is my first love. I've been addicted ever since a kind store owner handed me a piece of this dark, plain-looking thing. But in my mouth, that plain thing turned into a melting, warm wonder of taste and scent. Like any right-minded kid, I wanted more.

Later, as an adult, when gorging on chocolate truffles, I used to say it was good for me just so I could legitimize my addiction. And then I heard that it actually may be good for you; I looked into it and wrote a three-part series on it. I invite you to check it out. Click on each of the pix below and enjoy!

Nibbles of Chocolate: