Changing, Updating, Adding Beauty to my CafePress Shop

OK, I've been a bit slow in clearing out my Christmas stock in my CafePress shop: Points North Studio. But if I'd been timely, I wouldn't have had my Iris photo yet to use on greeting cards. My subconscious obviously knew I had to wait for the right photo to come! I now have a nice selection of blank greeting and note cards, useful for any occasion, big or small or just because.

At last, CafePress has gotten the ceramic travel mug back in stock. It's eye-catching and a workhorse both. What could be a better combination?

I've created an image just for this ceramic travel mug. There's nothing so appealing as a bright red cardinal on a snow white background!

My calendars have been big hits, particularly the one showcasing photos of Toronto. I have the Nature one on my office door, and this month it's featuring our beautiful big blue Canadian winter sky, with a bird and puffy cloud too.

They'll only be available for one more month. Get yours now while you still can!

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