Ignatieff's Support of Harper Budget Brings Us Full Circle

Lots of word flurry today from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff countered by contemptuous, disappointed talk from NDP Leader Jack Layton and BQ Leader Gilles Duceppe while PM Stephen Harper's Conservative party ran ads exhorting Canadians to tell their MPs to pass the budget. They could have saved their money. Ignatieff in his excellent English after calling the budget a "flawed document" that will delay the creation of jobs, used his intellectual prowess -- in good armchair professor tradition -- to rationalize doing what former Liberal Leader Stephane Dion did all last year: form a coalition with the Harper Tories (I borrow shamelessly from Layton). Dion was criticized for propping up the Harper government 45 times. Ignatieff is being praised for doing that as his first act as leader. But then Ignatieff speaks English well, knows how to couch a phrase, went to Harvard too.

As one Canuck pointed out, Ignatieff's fig-leaf amendment to require reports on the budget three times this year means "Auditor General's job got easier."

And so after Harper Tories created the Building Canada Fund last year that has not sent one penny to municipalities or provinces, the brouhaha over Harper-Flaherty's do-nothing November economic statement, Dion finally acting to create an alternative government, Governor General Michaelle Jean giving Harper his prorogue, the Liberals hastily dumping Dion to appoint a leader they said had vision, ideas, and will to act (plus he could speak English real well), and Harper appeasing the coaltion, we are right back to where we were last spring, without a vision for Canada and much, much deeper in debt. Oh Canada.


Andy said…
Just goes to to show you that minority governments work much better than majority government.
One Blue Marble said…
Exactly so. I can't believe that Harper has managed to sneak by again.
Andy, I've always believed that.

One Blue Marble, The cat is enjoying all nine of his lives.