Where to Find the Poppies?

So now that I know why I can't find poppies in the subway stations I used to always count on as a reliable source, I'm asking around. I've heard that, unlike the TTC, a public service, paid for by our tax dollars, private companies are showing the veterans respect by allowing them to sell poppies inside their stores. Starbucks and Tim Hortons are two in this list. If you know of any others, please leave a comment below saying where you found a veteran selling his or her poppies.


masgblog said…
This year I have had trouble finding anyone selling poppies. A local restaurant had a box on their counter, but that was all that I saw.

I had heard that with the number of veterans alive, it is more dofficult to find anyone to seel the poppies anymore.

Perhaps we, the offspring, should become more involved. I have thought about this.