TTC Bans Poppies and Veterans in Their Subway Stations

I heard on the radio this morning that veterans are not allowed to sell poppies for Remembrance Day in subway stations. Can you imagine? The broadcaster discovered this little unknown fact when she sat down next to a veteran while waiting for a train, noticed he had a box of poppies in a plastic bag, asked him if she could buy one, and instead of reaching in, he looked around furtively to see if it was safe. Amazing. I thought we lived in Canada where selling poppies to put on your coats was not the same as selling the poppy juice.

But I forgot. We're in Toronto. The land of the petty, the oppressive rule makers, the ones who don't like those who are not ideologically right on board. Always, attitudes start with the leaders. The dramatic change in the US and the perception of the US since Obama was elected proves how much of a difference the leader makes on a nation's psyche and attitudes, especially attitudes to the poor, the old, the disabled, and those who were willing to risk their lives for their country to remain free. Maybe that's also why the media haven't raised an uproar.