Adding Run for Life Tracksuit in my CafePress Shop

Mum wanted a new tracksuit, so I decided I'd better get my butt in gear and work on a design for the CafePress Tracksuit, Raglan Hoodie, and Jr. Hoodie. They come in black, pink, and blue, made for women. Since I didn't want to do a separate design for each colour, I thought maybe a pink flower would work best for all three. But with a white front and the design being pocket sized on the left shoulder, I wanted to do something a bit more interesting that a square photo. Besides which, most of my flowers have green or dark backgrounds. Not so hot against white.

I have been having more brain healing moments and was wondering what next. Well, yesterday I found out: the ability to once again work with graphic software beyond just opening, resizing, sharpening, brightening, saving, and closing. I absolutely amazed myself by learning how to use Corel's magic wand, then learning how to erase the background, and doing all that first with a butterfly, then more successfully with a pink Clematis flower after two tries. All this brain healing since September in wave after wave has given me improved writing skills, more energy, and now ability to focus long enough to actually use PhotoShop. I have to admit that Gimp still stumps me, and Corel's lesson guides really help. But I could not have done this a month ago.

So in honour of a woman who got me fighting to come back -- because I was writing her story -- I created the Run for Life Tracksuit with a fresh pink flower on the front, and three of those flowers on the back with a great quote from Judy Taylor: "I could be pushing up daisies!"