Getting Acquainted with my CafePress Shop, Points North Studio

Just under a week ago, I joined CafePress as a shopkeeper. I'd thought about doing it a few months ago, researched it and its competitors, sunk into a quagmire of indecision, and then the Olympics started. Last week, a friend of mine reminded me of CafePress, and I started up the shop.

It's been an adventure figuring out the image requirements, how to use the templates, which photopaint software is the best one to use (still working on that one), discovering the plethora of products to create images for, and playing with which images work best on which products. I'm finally starting to feel like I know what I'm doing, and it's getting rather addictive adding new products.

I started my shop with a bunch of dark T-shirts, added on Christmas greeting cards -- my favourite is the beach photo with the dog in Lake Ontario. The kicker is that it's February, there's a thick dock of ice along the shoreline that I watched the dog carefully navigate when deciding where he'd enter the water, and his equally slow-moving human companion is standing on the snow-covered sand wrapped up in toque and winter coat. But I digress. CafePress helped me get my Flip Mino loaded into my shop. I have a CN Tower journal, and just added a variety of mugs. I'm currently mulling over which photo to use on the throw pillow. I'm leaning towards one of my zoo shots, but don't think the Hippo Butt shot would make for a good pillow adornment, even though it's my favourite. My CafePress adventure continues!


Anonymous said…
Hey, Cafepress is great and I think your shop has some amazing designs.

Cafepress Shops are great, now you just need to drive some traffic! Why not use
Squidoo to drive traffic to your blog!
Thank you!

You've got a nice lens on starting up with CafePress. I've added my shop to the promotion list you set up. Good idea!

I wrote my own Squidoo lens on starting up a CafePress shop at -- I'm sure I'll be editing it as I get more familiar with CP.
Anonymous said…
Im glad you put your store on my lens :) I liked your lens and rated it 5*

What I do notice is that your not using your Cafepress affiliate link when linking to Cafepress telling peoplehow to make a shop.

If you refer people you make money from them selling need to use the following link as a referral.
Thank you for checking out my lens and the 5! Wow!! :D

I didn't realise there was an affiliate program with CafePress. I'll go look into it now. Thanks for the heads up!