Adding Political Sites to my Sidebar

Chris from The Globe and Mail found my blog and asked me very nicely through the contact form on my author website if I would include their Politics URL on That was pretty cool, had initiative, and showed more creativity than I'd expect from the Globe, which I think of as the paper for my parents' generation.

I thought that was such a good idea that I ought to do that for some other media election sites. I've noticed broadcasters and newspapers alike have special sections on their website specifically for the election. The Globe has "election quizzes, polls, and campaign maps to live discussions and political cartoons" as Chris described it. Over at Global National, Kevin Newman reminds us that Global has quizzes, polls, and blogs on their election site. Blogger's links software allows one to show feeds from each of the links, so I was quite surprised to discover that, unlike The Globe and Global, both the CBC and The Toronto Star don't have feeds that can take advantage of Blogger's live links feature. And of the political parties, only the Liberals site can show updated headlines. Interesting. Go to my sidebar, look for "Canadian Political Sites" and check them out.