Tom Jones, Results, Canadian Idol

2.5 million votes, and I really hope they voted off Mark Day. His smug, self-satisfaction reached new heights of disrespect to the judges last night, for while they were giving him their opinions, he was busy waving and mugging to the fans. He can sing, there's no doubt of that, but good pipes ain't enough, for me anyway. Whatever reason he preferred sucking up the attention to paying attention, you'd think he'd understand the opportunity enough to at least fake it.

Tom Jones on tonight, and I gotta say I still don't recognize him! Is it the goatee, weight, or age??? He didn't sing for very long, but I suppose something is better than nothing. Actually Ben Mulroney seemed to be speeding the show along pretty quickly. Whoops blogged too soon. Back Jones is for a second song, which he sang better than the first well-known clip.

I don't know if it's me or the contestants or that CBC's Maria spoiled me for wanting to hear really good singing, but I'm finding this year's Idol a bit ho-hum. Mookie last night was the only one I wanted to hear more of, wished his 2 minutes, or whatever it was, went on longer. Unfortunately, he's from Toronto, and so his geographic fans are not the strongest voters on the planet.

And so onto the results.

But first Jully Black. That woman is a natural, whether in a televised concert, on radio co-hosting on CHUM FM, or now on television. Good choice for Idol to hire her.

Ben just about gave me a heart attack. It was down to Mark and Mookie as to who was safe and who was not, and I thought given Toronto's traditional disinterest in voting for their hometown contestant, it would be Mookie. But no!! Toronto -- and all Mookie fans -- came through. And may I just say, it's good to see the lone female contestant not in the bottom three either!

And so, after an interminable pause, my wishes came through! Holy cow, that hardly ever happens! Mark Day is voted off. Maybe Canada was put off by his behaviour last night. And he gave the longest, um, longest good-bye speech ever.

Now onto Canadian Rock, Simple Plan, and six contestants singing it out next week.