Again with the Zoroastrian Lie

People, could we get a friggin' clue. Zoroastrians are NOT fire worshippers. That's like saying Christians are statue worshippers and Jews are torah worshippers! Zoroastrians worship God, first, foremost, and only!!

Note to Ajit Jain, a simple Wikipedia search would have told you not to perpetuate that lie about Zoroastrianism.

And as for no more persecution of Zoroastrians in Iran, I take that with a large grain of salt. Being forced to convert to Islam if one wants to marry a Muslim is a form of persecution.

Zoroastrians also fled to Burma after the Muslim invasion of their lands. My father's family was one of those who lived there until the Japanese invasion during WWII. Perhaps because that invasion led to such a large exodus, one that was not reversed after the war ended, is why we aren't aware that there was a thriving Zoroastrian population in Burma as well.

The story told the journalist Jain is not quite the same as the one told me. The fleeing Zoroastrians had to convince the Hindu King that the Zoroastrians would not be a burden on his society. They asked for a bowl of milk. The Zoroastrian leader slipped off a gold ring and put it in the bowl of milk, where it sank without a trace. As with that ring in that bowl of milk, he said, so shall we be in your society. The King was convinced and agreed to give them refuge, but said that they could stay only as long as they didn't intermarry with the local Hindu women or evangelize as was the custom for Zoroastrianism at that time. The ban on evangelism continued until at least until my adulthood as I was not allowed to go for my Navjote, being only part Zoroastrian. I understand that that situation has now changed. As for the intermarrying part, that didn't last long in practice, I'm sure!

And we wonder why bloggers have such disdain for the MSM.