ZoneAlarm Compatible Once Again with Microsoft Windows

Were you caught up in the brouhaha caused by Microsoft fixing a DNS error but not giving ZoneAlarm a heads up that they were about to do it in last week's XP security upgrade? I was. Thanks to Mark for helping me figure out how to keep safe on the Net and still be able to connect while ZA worked feverishly on fixing the incompatibility issues with the Microsoft update.

That feverish work is over. And this morning ZA announced its update.


Update went fine, except something really odd -- good odd -- happened. I use PictureProject to transfer photos from my Coolpix and Nikon D80 to the computer and then to prepare for uploading to Flickr. Ever since I started transferring .NEF (RAW) photos from the D80, the program has gotten slower and slower. So slow has it become that I try to remember to start the program before going to exercise or having a snack. Transferring photos is even slower than that, and with each successive transfer, it gets worse, so much so that a couple of nights ago it had degenerated to a half hour to transfer 100 photos or so after the fourth upload. Today, I started PP right after ZoneAlarm restarted the computer and finished upgrading itself. First off, in the time it took me to plug my camera into the computer, PP was up and running. Huh? I stared hard at the screen just to ensure I wasn't hallucinating. It then took 2 minutes to transfer about 100 photos and another 3 to 5 minutes to say so. Lightening speed! Was it due to the ZA upgrade or because the transfer folders were closed? I'll find out next time.