Still Pining for Marilyn Dennis on CityLine

It's been two months since I blogged on Marilyn Dennis leaving CityLine. At the time I had no idea how much interest that post would generate, no idea how many others felt the same way I did -- that her leaving CityLine sucked. Since then, I've had constant and consistent interest and more comments on her leaving than on any other post. I even had an American comment! She is one popular lady on both sides of the border!!

Right now, Citytv has set up a revolving door of fill-in hosts, including their own news sportscaster, a regular CityLine expert, former morning show host, and others who looked and sounded like news anchors, not a good fit for a show like CityLine, that's for sure. My favourite so far was Kathryn Humphreys, the sportscaster. But, as one commenter put it, none can compare to Marilyn. I was reminded of this today when they ran a Marilyn rerun. She was natural, fun, got the information out, was patient with the camera men who take forever to zoom in on an item or technique, and was eminently watchable. She is supposed to be working on a similar show for CTV, but when that will debut or what form it will take, I haven't heard yet. I just hope CTV understands what a treasure they have in Marilyn and will create a show that they intend to stick with and rebuild her audience. Well, if any rebuilding is necessary.

Meanwhile, it looks like CityLine widows and widowers can get their Marilyn fix this week.


Anonymous said…
After watching the new shows of cityline with a revolving door of hosts, I really miss Marilyn. The show is not the same, she knew what she was doing. The show has lost it's appeal for me and is very dry now. Shame on CTV! Bye bye cityline.

not watching anymore HM
Agassiz bc
Anonymous said…
Disappointment is an understatement regarding cityline without Marilyn Dennis hosting it. Her sense of humour is so missed and she really knew how to interact with the guests. There has not been one host that comes near to the job she did. Bye cityline it stinks now. I don't watch it anymore. JH
Anonymous said…
I agree with the above comments. I am still watching Cityline,but now it is usually with an air of criticism over the 'host du jour'. My favorite from the group of fill in's is also (surprisingly!)the sportscaster, Katherine Humpherys. She is funny and doesn't try to compete with the guests. I look forword to Marilyn's new show on CTV. Any news about when it slated to air?

Missing Marilyn :(
I agree -- Marilyn had an ease and sense of humour as well as competence in hosting that show. I rather like Humphreys' humour too, and Stephanie Beaumont (sp), who I've never seen before, was the closest to being at ease on a show like CityLine. But she was too chatty.

Between the big change in television, and a revamp of her morning show on CHUM FM, Marilyn is certainly having an interesting year! As soon as I hear something about a CTV show, I'll blog on it.
Hot Rocks said…
I watched Marilyn on Cityline for ten years. It was like having a great girlfriend visit me every morning. I really miss her on that show, because she WAS the show. I have watched some of the episodes thru the summer with the guest hosts and tryed to make the best of it ...but today really took the cake! City tv switched the time!! Now Cityline is on here in Alberta at 7:00 am! That is way too early for us stay at home moms, as at that time I am getting my son off to school. 8:00 am was perfect to sit down with a cup of coffee after the kids were gone and watch Cityline. I would imagine that the show will lose alot of long time Western Canadian viewers with this new time. I think Citylines' days are numbered! Too bad, because it was such a great show
Until I read your comment, I didn't know CityLine had moved time slots. Luckily, here it's still repeated at 3 pm, the same afternoon time slot it's held for a long time. The 10 am time slot was sometimes impossible for me, and 9 am is way too early. I can't imagine why they'd have it at 7 am -- that means they're broadcasting it your way at the same time as it's here!

CBC seems to be the only channel that schedules shows to fit the time zone -- so if a show is 10 am ET, it's 10 am MT and PT etc. also. CTV is the worst. Everyone across the country, except those in PT, have to suck it up and watch a show in its time-zone equivalent of the ET-scheduled timeslot. You'd think with all the tech we have, they could show the same respect to people across the country as they do those of us here in ET.
CityLine's new season starts this coming Monday, September 15th. From the sounds of it, it's going to undergo some big changes to the format, so that may make it less like they're replacing Marilyn and more like they're creating a new show. Don't know how it'll be. We'll have to wait and see!
Anonymous said…
I have watched CityLine since I was a teenager. As a gay man from a rural area Marilyn's humor and approach to design,fashion,and life in general made my afternoons bearable for during some less than great times.
She is a very special person with a profound enthusiasm and passion. What I loved most about her was her down to earth energy no matter the topic or guest.
You will be sorrily missed Ms.Dennis!!
Anonymous said…
Yes I miss Marilyn very much. She was so easygoing and had a nice down to earth personality. Don't care much for watching anymore!!!
Anonymous said…
I too miss Marilyn and Cityline. It was the only show I watched regularly. It was on at 11am in the maritimes. I can't comment on the guest hosts as the show is no longer being broadcast in Nova Scotia. It is very sad that such a popular show could be cancelled so easily.
lucy said…
I occasionally tune in to the new
cityline, but find the hosts try too hard to fill Marilyn's cool shoes. She was like "I Love Lucy",
great sense of timing, expressions,
humor; she even laughed like her!!!
No one can replace either of them!!
Fashion Friday is still great because of Lyn and Sandra!! Wish we could have seen Marilyn's renovation of her new house!!

Lucy in Victoria