Rogers Has the Ottawa Canada Day Coverage

For years, CBC covered Canada Day from Ottawa well. Then lately the Mother Corp reduced their coverage to a noon show -- which I always miss, as I'm sure most people do as they're busy chomping at their local festivities -- which they don't repeat in mid-afternoon when people are probably taking a break between day activities and night ones, and to some sort of special at night. This year, it's even worse as they're repeating the special from last year!

So I went searching for what happened to evening coverage of the Ottawa concert. Turns out Rogers has it. They're broadcasting it live from 7:30 pm on and in HD too on channel 501 if you have it. Too bad I found out so late. At least they'll be repeating it, and you can watch it off the internet. Still, they ought to have advertised the fact all over the Mother Corp so we would have known to switch over! Ah well.