Radio Changes -- RRM is now R&M

Notice anything different at CHUMFM? RRM is no more (wait, don't have a heart attack yet); it's now R&M. The second R -- Rick Hodge -- is gone. He's left CHUM FM entirely, not just the morning show with Roger and Marilyn. When the three went on vacation, it was still RRM, and all those canned intros to the show when their substitutes were on still said "Roger, Rick, and Marilyn." So this was real sudden, like as of this morning. Details are sketchy, even his fellow hosts don't know much, except that it's for personal reasons and that he is healthy.

Roger and Marilyn sounds a bit truncated, and I'll miss Rick's features on crime and humour (the latter truncated as it was for some inexplicable reason), but at least Marilyn Dennis still has a job at CHUM!


Speaking of upheaval at Citytv, did you notice in their news coverage last night their first mention of their new home at Yonge-Dundas Square? They even pointed to the building, just west and south of the square, in full view of the camera when it's pointed towards the stage. They gave us a taste of Citytv Yonge-Dundas style. It was good to see some new energy back in this poor beat-up station.


Anonymous said…
rogers is getting hit hard by all the bad press from the launch of the iphone

rogers owns citytv and a bunch of mags and radio ... did citytv coverage this ? i didn't see it

but ctv, global and cbc all did

rogers loves to cnesor when it can

how can anybody trust citytv these days ?
Anon, the same can probably be said about the other stations, although I have seen Global report on CanWest news and changes objectively. CTV, on the other hand seems to have sent down an edict to CHUM FM not to report on Entertainment news from other television stations. It's annoying; I can thus broaden your question to how can anybody trust any broadcaster or print media these days? But we never could before anyway. I have long watched or read multiple coverage of the same item, if it's important, in order to get the whole story.
Anonymous said…
only a few days away till rogers / iphone is coming out

they are charging way too much money

will city news cover this

or will they suck up to rogers cause they own them
Big change today...sort of. Rogers will charge $30, like the US companies, but it's for a limited amount -- 6 GB -- and a limited time.

The feds are going to look into Bell and Telus charging customers sans a text plan for incoming text messages.

But, unless it was a brief story that appeared when I was flipping, CityNews didn't cover either big cell story. CTV, owned by BCE (Bell) buried it in the Business section of their news cast, and Global National and CBC both covered it in the first half of their general newscast. So there you go.
Anonymous said…
somebody else noticed the lack of real coverage of citytv rogers iphone mess
Citytv must've been stung by all the negative words, for they led their newscast this evening with a 4-minute story on the iPhone release, including mentioning the prices, that the price had dropped because of consumer backlash, that the lower price is only good for those who activate it before end of August, and that there was an iTunes-related glitch. City's consumer reporter also mentioned that Bell was coming out with a similar product later this summer for less money.

CTV had the story way down in their newscast and didn't mention that last tidbit, which is surprising. Maybe it'll be in the business portion of their newscast...
Anonymous said…
its just one big old infomercial on citytv news for the rogers iphone

they just should have given a few away while they were at it

where was steve jobs in all of this hype ..he didn't show up on any event did he

samsung / bell ... they'll find a way to screw that up and the same thing will happen
Oh hey anon, it wasn't just all one big infomercial. And it wasn't that different on other stations. They gave useful info, and anyway, television news usually does a feel-good story when it comes to new toys, I mean electronic items.

I heard Rogers charges the second-highest rates in the world. Which begs the question: who on earth is in a rich-enough country to charge more?

You're wayyyy too cynical. :) I don't think Bell is going to up its price; if it was smart it would use its lower price to competitive advantage over Rogers, especially since Samsung doesn't have the same buzz as Apple.