Now We Know What Happened to Simon Lee on CBC's Maria Show

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned flying laptops in relation to CBC's How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? show. I'd heard about the laptop because on CHUM FM's morning show, Darrin mentioned he saw one come flying out a hotel window where the cast of the show were staying. And then Simon Lee was not on the show either on Sunday or Monday. But all the chatter on Facebook and Darrin's speculation didn't link up the gravity-defying laptop to Lee. Today, the Toronto Star did.

Well, in all the years Canadian Idol has been on, nothing quite this dramatic has ever occurred. They've had to resort to secret love stories to whip up drama. You can imagine if this had come out before Sunday's show, the Maria ratings would've shot up. It's terrible to hear about this domestic dispute, though, as Simon Lee did a bang-up job on Maria, and it was too bad that after all his time and effort, he missed the last two critical shows. I'm going to miss that Maria show!


Speaking of Darrin and drama, what the heck's going on with CHUM FM's morning show? Are they testing Darrin out as a Rick replacement or are they trying to morph in a new morning crew over the summer while people are away and not paying attention? If the former, I can see Marilyn acquiring a big stick and spending all her time refereeing between the two alpha males. Roger Ashby sounds pretty cool at the moment, but he is making comments about still being here and not going anywhere. Radio and television sure aren't boring these days!