Battle of the Sexes on CHUM FM has Shocking Result

Generosity moves.

Battle of the sexes. CHUM FM this morning. I missed the introductions, but I gather the man is single or newly single, and the woman has a daughter going through tough times. Darrin and Marilyn ask each their questions; they're neck and neck; and then after the man gets his battle hymn, they're 3-2. Will the man win this battle? Would be a shocker if he does because so far the count is 10 wins for women, 4 for men. She hears the hymn, she flubs it, she swears. Oh my. She congratulates him; the "crowd" applauds; and the man, Vince, says something unbelievable. He says he'd like to give the prize to her daughter. He doesn't need it; it's good to have just the score, the win. Puddles everywhere. Cut to commercial.

What a way to start the day!