And Then There were Four Marias on CBC

Another fun Maria night last night. Before I talk about the results, I just wanted to say a word or two about last night's show. Again, Donna was the focus of contention. But I think we pretty much knew that was going to happen, given last week's show. Donna looked a bit nervous, moreso than usual, when it came time for the panel to give their opinions. Not surprising really after the drubbing she took last week. But the panel was gentler, even though they had a different beef this week: now her voice is the source of friction.

Elaine likes her voice and repeated that. But Simon immediately contradicted her, saying it was "thin and undernourished." Ooookkkkaaaaay. He went on to say that her belting voice is not. He didn't feel it was the Maria soprano they were looking for. That set off a bit of good-natured arguing between the three panel members, mostly because I think someone who stands out usually receives a lot of attention, and Gavin had to settle them down and remind Simon he had yet to pontificate on Elicia, who again had a great night. She just gets better and better with each week. Her performance of Shout last night stuck a smile on my face and kept it there. (The theme was 1965, the year The Sound of Music came out.)

The bickering continued with other performers, and Gavin reviewed it all tonight. He wrapped up last night's show by asking Elaine and John -- not Simon as he gets to decide who to save tonight -- who their fave three Marias were. Elicia was on both their lists. So was Janna.

Marisa got her wish, the one she expressed to Canada in one of the vignettes last night: she'll be singing for the Lord next week. Andrew Lloyd Webber is coming to Toronto a week early, he's so excited about the show. Thank goodness that despite a weak performance, Janna was safe. What was amazing was that Elicia was in the bottom three.

This week Simon accompanied the sing-off between Donna, Tamara, and Elicia. For the first time I could really hear the difference between the different voices as they sang in sequence first. I heard that light, clear soprano Simon keeps talking about in Tamara's voice and how it makes Donna's sound like it's missing something while Elicia's sounds deeper.

So who did Simon save? Elicia! I thought Gavin was going to jump on and shake Simon he was taking so long to say it!!! It was too funny.


Normally I blog on the Top Ten Canadian Idol, but I'm too pooped from the Maria frolics. Sorry guys.