Ottawa Finally Stands up for Canada Ottawa's new hard line: Blocking foreign acquisitions

It's about damn time.
“No one should doubt the determination of this government and this minister to protect this country's interests,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the House of Commons yesterday. His comments were backed by cheering and a standing ovation from Conservative members of Parliament, leaving little doubt that the government plans to stick by its decision.
If the bastion of free enterprise can unabashedly protect its national interests and block sales of American companies, then so can Canada. Finally the Harper government gets it! It's probably because our economy will suffer in the long run, and thus so will tax revenues, if we revert back to the branch plant economy we were in the 70s, but who cares why.
“Other countries have judiciously exercised their right to stop takeovers; there is no reason why Canada can't,” Mr. [Scott] Hand said. “Canada is a Boy Scout playing among other countries who play hardball.”
Finally the Harper government has stepped up to the plate and is protecting our assets and our sovereignty.