What's Up? Frogs!

I've barely registered that it's March, and already kids are counting down the days to March Break. There hasn't been this much snow in T.O. for years, which means lots of potential fun outdoors can be had with skating and skiing and tobogganing. But the one planned activity that's bound to get the giggles going is Frogzibitz (what a giggler of a name!) at the Toronto Zoo. Gotta love their banner in honour of it at the top of their main page!

They're doing this because it's the year of the frog to highlight the fact that amphibians are dying off in vast numbers, from habitat loss and degradation and from an infectious fungus Chytridiomycosis. The best way to get humans to care is to get kids to giggle over frogs, form a bond, get sad over learning these green and blue and yellow bug-eyed creatures are dying, and then suddenly their parents are educated about this issue and care too. We westerners really need to have fun in order to save another, just like Oprah and Bono led the shopping charge to raise money and awareness for...whatever the red campaign was for. It's a bit strange that we can only help another if we get to shop and have fun for ourselves. How about having fun just from helping another? But I'm blathering. In the end, we as individuals cannot help everyone and everything. We need to choose the few that we feel drawn to, that we feel ties in best with our strengths, and go with that, consistently and for the long term. And so in aggregate, we end up helping the world and all her citizens.