What Happened to Paula Todd?

One of the most popular search terms that finds this blog is "Paula Todd" or "Verdict with Paula Todd" or, my most recent favourite, "what happened to Paula Todd show." Good question. What did happen to her show?

At first, a substitute, Dan Mathers, came on, with the announcement that Paula Todd would return, then suddenly there was no The Verdict. When I entered ctv.ca/theverdict into the location bar, I got a bunch of gobbledygook. The website programmers or the server had somehow screwed up the page. Since I don't watch talk shows or interview shows of that ilk regularly, once my honeymoon period is over, they may have given a 2-second announcement on air after the very last show, but of course I missed it.

The clue as to where Paula Todd went was her excellent story on Brenda Martin for W5. If you go to her bio on the CTV website, they mention her as being part of the W5 team. Personally, I think it's a comedown to go from your own show during prime time weekdays to W5, which CTV has relegated to the worst night at a dorky time for a show such as that. CBC puts its flagship interview show smack in the middle of the week during prime time. Global has its new Global Currents, which I'm not sure exactly when it's on as it seems to bop around, but that show doesn't have the history and status of W5 plus it's a documentary series. Why CTV relegated its show to the dregs of TV land is beyond me.

Anyway, in answer to your question, Mr or Ms Anonymous, Paula Todd seems to be no more on CTV Newsnet; she'll now appear occasionally on W5. And as for The Verdict -- they mention her as the founding host. So they may be looking for a new host and will resurrect the show at a later date. Maybe.