CBC Quick on the Kill Switch: jPod Cancelled

Raugi Yu left a comment on my post about jPod being cancelled, and I was really surprised, to say the least. jPod is a quirky, totally Canadian show -- like what other country could dream up such a strange, addictive comedy drama? I had thought it was coming into its own.

With the dearth of Canadian programming, and with CBC launching an all-out assault in January to grab Canadian eyes for Canadian shows that employ Canadians, I would have thought they would at least give all their new shows a decent time to build an audience. After all, don't they say Seinfeld was so-so in the ratings the entire first year of its run?

Read what the actor has to say and if you want jPod back, give that phone number a ring or shoot off an e-mail to CBC. We really need an alternative to all that reality dreck and the drowning of our airwaves in foreign shows, that is, American programming.