Mr Smitherman: Wearing Dirty Diapers Stinks! | Ontario | Smitherman assailed for offer to don diaper:
"Critics are branding Health Minister George Smitherman a 'damned embarrassment' for his plan to wear an adult diaper as the government faces mounting criticism over nursing home residents sitting too long in their own waste."
Um, why does Smitherman need to wear a diaper to learn that it's bloody unpleasant to sit, lie, walk in once soiled? Is he that unimaginative? Here's a clue Mr Smitherman: once peed in, especially heavily peed in, a diaper will get heavy, droop, and weigh one's butt down. If pants are keeping it close to the skin, it'll warm up because of the liquid in it, and it will get tighter as it fills and expands. And if you poop in it, well, surely even your petite imagination can figure out what that would feel and smell like? Do I really need to spell it out for you? Do you really need to experience it to know you wouldn't want to sit in your own pee or poop as a cognizant, conscious adult? (Personally I can't figure out why parents are trending to toilet training past the age of gaining memory retention and awareness.)

This is the guy Ontarians think can fix our health care system? We're screwed. Worse, those poor nursing home inmates are screwed.


Anonymous said…
I think that it is a great idea. A dirty diaper needs to be changed ASAP, if it takes a politician to bring attention to that fact fine!

We should not leave our elderly or disabled in a dirty diaper...