More Thoughts on CBC's New Shows

I'd planned on blogging about all of CBC's new shows. But Sophie and MVP were just not as actively inspiring as The Border or strangely inspiring as jPod. Sophie was chichéville until Sara Botsford barged into a scene. Her commanding performance as Estelle woke me up. If this show is a success, it will be because of her.

As for MVP, where did they get all the chisel-jawed male model types? It left zero impression on me as the only two things I can remember are that they made the weird decision to hold the funeral in the arena and that they seemed to be playing hockey in summer. I know we've been having warm winters up until now, but even the warmest didn't feature dazzingly green lawns! And oh yeah, they also had their own camera trick of exploding a reflection into a simulated sun that almost hurt. At least, unlike The Border, they kept the trick to a minimum. I suppose it was to simulate or scream BLING!

There are more new Canadian shows on the way: a reality show on CBC and another drama on Global. It'll be another week before they debut. In the meantime, I'll be catching The Border and jPod again, the other two only if I'm bored and have nothing else to do. That's not to say that Sophie will as of yet turn into a must-see sitcom, but I'm pretty sure that MVP is your run-of-the-mill soaper attractive only to a certain demographic.