Whatever Happened to ...

Me. Whatever happened to me? The word "me," that is.

In the zeal to be politically correct and to avoid being pointed and laughed at as grammidiots, people have practically drop-kicked the word "me" out of the lexicon, using "I" almost exclusively. It's so bad, I bet many wouldn't recognize the inappropriate use of "I" anymore, even people who ought to know better, like television writers...OK, well, maybe that's a stretch.

Which of these is incorrect, do you know? (And no peeking at your handiest grammar book.)

Between you and I, I'm hating this cold.

We're going to the mall, Shelley and I.

Hey dude, you can't do that to I.

That cyclist mowed Doug and I down.

She and I are going skating next week.

The birds beaned him and I.

And now the sun is blinding I.

One of these is so obviously incorrect, I have to stifle the urge to fling a book at the television or radio every single time I hear it. You'd think people in the word biz would know better!