The Real Karlheinz Schreiber

Karlheinz Schreiber is an old wag. I happened upon CBC while they were broadcasting his testimony live today, and he's far more entertaining to watch than reading or watching news items about him. In his words, he's "a very good fighter." He knows how to take the MPs on a merry dance, tantalizing them and us with rumour, gossip, innuendo, and facts. He's impugning the RCMP (joining the line, I think, as once again the RCMP are being looked at) and various politicians and movers and shakers around them. As he says, all the same people are involved in these shenanigans.

The question is is he saving up the good stuff for the inquiry to ensure the inquiry occurs, or is he just tantalizing is with tidbits in order to stay in Canada and avoid extradition to Germany? Or is he just having a grand time because as a "warrior" he enjoys the cut and thrust of legal matters, and the longer he can drag this and the inquiry out and the more suits he can be involved in, the more fun he has. The man was hugely enjoying himself. The only other politician I saw -- before CBC's main network cut the broadcast -- who looked like she was enjoying the process as much as he was, was the BQ MP. The others looked nervous, fed up, neutral, and bored.

If you can, I'd skip the edited-for-public-consumption news items and go straight to watching the testimony itself. Much more interesting.