Pancakes, Fluffy Rounds of Divinity

I've been using pancake mix for awhile now. It's fast and easy. I ran out recently and bought some, or so I thought. I went to the cupboard for my next package of mix, and it was bare. Couldn't find it. No matter how hard I stared into the cupboard, it just wasn't there. Even worse, I had a real hankering -- I mean the drive-you-crazy-because-you-can-almost-smell-it craving -- for pancakes and nothing to eat in the fridge. So I found a recipe and went to it, measuring and mixing and messing up the counter. The only problem was I didn't have buttermilk. First off, it doesn't come in organic form, and second, the conventional version always looks and smells a bit suspect to me. Luckily, I did have some sour cream, so mixed that with milk, and presto, buttermilk. OK, my version of store-version buttermilk, which is a pseudo-version of the real stuff anyway.

I had completely forgotten how good homemade pancakes are. I was in heaven. I floated out of my seat in an ecstasy of sweet-stimulated tastebuds and didn't come down for awhile. If they weren't so much trouble to mix up (for me anyway, not for others maybe), I'd make them every week! This is when a personal chef would come in real handy!!


whatigotsofar said…
Its very hard to top a homemade pancake. I used to make them several times a week. Not my brightest moment though.
talk talk talk said…
Several times? Wow! It may not have been your brightest, but I bet it was your stomach's happiest moment!