Wherefore Art Thou Geminis?

The Geminis were on last night. All one hour of them. I thought that was a typo in the TV Guide, but nope. It really was truncated to one hour. Even better, it was followed on CBC, our public broadcaster, the one network that's supposed to celebrate all things Canadian including our television, by a repeat of Dragon's Den (either that or I was having déjà vu).

It was obvious from the dramatic series nominations that there's not much to celebrate anymore on Canadian television, and the networks obviously don't want to celebrate what's left anymore either. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy: the owners think no-one's interested, and eventually their fare interests no-one. Yet we all fall down in shock when shows like Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie (coming to a Gaza and Israeli station near you) succeed like a California wildfire. The pent-up desire in Canadians to see themselves on TV will out in spite of those owners running from it, with the CRTC's blessing I might add.

First, the Junos, now the Geminis. One day our award shows will be relegated to one oh-yeah-we-gave-these-out blip at the end of the Grammies and Emmys.