Where to Buy my CDs

I was listening to Jully Black on the radio and thinking I'd like to get her new CD Revival, when my thoughts stopped short. Where would I buy her CD? Ever since Sam's went belly up, I've been bereft of a good place to buy CDs. I hate HMV: all razzle dazzle, no substance. And there really aren't any other large iconic record stores around in Toronto. I suppose I'll be shopping online, unless someone knows of a great record store downtown that I've just been oblivious of?


Why is it that when I'm signed into Gmail, I have to sign into Blogger too? But when I sign out of Blogger, it signs me out of Gmail at the same time? Make up your mind Google!


Anonymous said…
Check out Soundscapes on College Street. Best Buy isn't that bad too.
talk talk talk said…
Thanks! I hadn't thought of Best Buy, but would be a good default if can't get to a real record store. I'll check out Soundscapes.
whatigotsofar said…
Here's how I look at it, HMV is the best of what's left. The superstore at 333 Yonge is the closest you'll find to Sam's.
As for the small independants, they'll all be gone in ten years or less.
talk talk talk said…
If HMV is the best of what's left, the record store industry is in a sorry state indeed.