Yay, I'm done! What a relief! I had to look up the name of the Green Party candidate first then I was ready to rumble.

When you go vote, you'll receive two ballots, the smaller one is for the referendum, and the bigger one has both the candidates' names and the parties they belong to. Wow, I don't remember Elections Ontario or Canada being that helpful before, actually putting the party name next to the candidate name. I didn't have to take the trouble to look up the Green Party candidate after all; still it was good to check out the candidate's site.

Now when you go to fill in the circle next to "The alternative electoral system proposed by the Citizens' Assembly (Mixed Member Proportional)", remember to simply mark an x and only an x. If you put any other mark in that circle -- the beginnings of a checkmark, filling in the circle, a word -- even if you then mark an x over it, they'll discard it as a spoiled ballot and your vote won't count. So remember to put an x, only an x, and nothing but an x. And if you screw it up, don't be shy, ask for another ballot. They'll be happy to comply.


CQ said…
I've never been more Undecided this late in a campaign before. And that includes the MMP question!

Hey - news story related: when politicians scream about more money for Healthcare - does it mean our doctors should be living in better suburban conditions than a custom built $15 million home? I miss having $60 eye exams covered by OHIP and my routine, no company plan, dental visit last week cost me $171.
talk talk talk said…
The MMP question I found easy. People have for years complained about the first-past-the-post system. This will be the only chance we get to change it to something that more accurately reflects our wishes. If we vote no, I doubt we'll get another chance to change the first-past-the-post system for decades. It isn't serving us now, so why would it get better in the future?

Well, I think it's the rare doc who can afford a $15 million home! It's more likely the hospital admins who have that kind of income.

OHIP has never covered dental unfortunately. But those eye exams SHOULD be reinstated. (Luckily, unluckily?, mine was covered.)