John Tory on CFRB

Wow, John Tory has energy to spare! I feel like I've been hit by a whirlwind, an inspiring, exciting whirlwind to be sure. He was determined to get the maximum number of words in that he possibly could during his hour on CFRB and to listen as much as he could to what people had to say about the issues that matter most to him.

It's instructive to hear what those issues are. They have to do with the most vulnerable in society: children with autism, bone-tired parents of children with autism; those without family doctors, particularly the elderly, the chronically ill, and children; the disabled and those living in the mouse- and cockroach-infested (ewwwww!) public housing; eliminating the health tax immediately for those least able to afford it. And with accountability (his oft-used word): rebuilding our road and transit infrastructure with 100% of fuel and gas taxes; having MPPs make decisions on the budget, not just rubberstamp what the Premier decides; put government documents on the internet and break the code of secrecy that infects all government departments, despite the Freedom of Information Act. It finally dawned on me why he inspires me -- he has a logical mind, and he likes the learn. I like people with logical minds and aren't afraid of learning and incorporating what they learn, no matter when they learn it, into their lives (or in his case, policies).

It sounds impossible the tasks he would set himself as Premier -- like going to the States to woo back Canadian-trained doctors -- but when you see him and listen to him, you realise God blessed him with an abnormal abundance of energy, which will make meeting his goals possible.