Afternoon Television

I watch too much TV.

We Canadians think we have it bad. We see our Income Tax Act as the original bloatware. We joke about how you need an accountant just to file a basic return these days. But watching Suze Orman on Oprah today made me realise our Act is tres simple. She was throwing around these terms like 401k and 403b and IRA, traditional and Roth (is that a cigarette?), and it gradually dawned on me that these were all retirement-type products. It made my head spin! After I'd put my head between my knees, taken a few deep breaths, settled down a bit, cleared my head, I felt very thankful for our tiny little simple RRSP, our one-size-fits-all-doesn't-make-your-head-hurt retirement plan.


After the CTV newsbreak, up popped one of those "extreme violence, put your kids to bed now" warnings. What on earth was CTV going to air now, I wondered. What hugely violent show were they broadcasting at prime-kid-viewing time? Dr. Phil.


I switched to Citytv, and there's this long-haired brunette wearing a sort-of dress. Wait a sec, who's that? That can't be Ellen. She doesn't wear dresses or anything remotely skirt-like. Ah, Halloween Ellen, dressed as J.Lo., no Cher, no pregnant J.Lo. Let's dance everybody!


Saskboy said…
Too much TV?
The Teleban has the answer. A kind person donated to me the other day.
talk talk talk said…
That's too funny!!!!! Now I gotta get back to watching Reaper. :P