A New Year, A New Browser

Summer is over, the new year has begun, the last days of warmth are passing us by, and it's time to try new things. I heard about Flock recently and decided to give it a try. It's supposed to make such things as Flickring and Blogging easier. Well, there are a few problems, like the fact the Flickr photo streams under Favorite Media don't show the most recent photos, and I'd assumed the whole point of that feature is to visually see at a glance who's just posted a new pic. Nope.

Flock is based on the Mozilla browser and in some ways feels like Firefox. I've uploaded only a couple of extensions for Flock (there aren't that many available as it's still relatively new), unlike my Firefox browser which has several installed, yet there is a discernible hiccup to the Flock browser compared to Firefox when scrolling down pages.

Blogging, on the other hand, is definitely easier. It posts quickly, it's easy to attach links and mark up text, adding images ain't too difficult (though you have to watch that Flickr HTML as just dragging and dropping doesn't add the HTML code Flickr prefers external websites to use -- update after posting reveals images are still a pain...will have to figure it out later), and it works without annoying error codes popping up. Tags are a bit of a pain as it doesn't give you a pop-up list of labels already created in Blogger. But on the whole, it's much better than the traditional method. So, for now, I'll go back to Firefox, but use Flock for blogging.

Blogged with Flock