Idols Former and Present

First things first. Did Ben Mulroney get his ear licked? The camera angles moved too quickly to tell if Jacob Hoggard got his usual slobber in. Poor Ben.

I couldn't decide if I liked Ryan Malcolm's new incarnation or not. The problem is I remember what he was like, and black fingernail polish, tatoos, and no glasses is a radical change. Still, his powerful and controlled voice reminded me why he won in the first place.

Kalan Porter hasn't changed a bit. As usual, he had all hearts fluttering at his feet.

Well, onto the results. They suck. 4.1 million votes, and they toss off the best singer. Sigh. I couldn't decide whether it should be Carly Rae and Jaydee or Carly Rae and Brian. And between the three, hard to decide who will become and should become Canadian Idol. But now with the booting off of Carly Rae, the competition will be just a little less as I believe she pushed the other two vocally and emotionally. Now, let's see if the boy and the man will egg each other on and give us a stand-out performance next week...or not. And the day after, we'll have the most amazing line-up to entertain us. You must tune in!